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The Mindworks Team is based in Auckland and we’ve helped numerous people with confidence building, weight and stress management and overall personal development. If you're looking for sports or business mentoring, sports psychology, business psychology and whole range of other psychological techniques, general therapy and counselling services, then you've found the right team!

Life Performance Specialists

Mindworks also off a huge range other Life Performance services, so click around and contact us if you have any questions. Let us help you 'live it like you own it!'.

News from MindWorkers...

Britta Pedersen

Britta is a Professional Dressage Rider, Competitor and Coach who is looking to compete in Rio 2016.

John Templeton

John Templeton has taken Crossfit to the next level in NZ and abroad. The former Army officer and fitness junkie is involved in motivational sports ventures that gives anyone an opportunity to get fit and live life!

Fashionista Fail

The MindWorkers are supporting Carolyn Taylor on her epic journey for one year with no therapy - RETAIL THERAPY that is!

In the quest to get more balance in life and to create lifestyle option, Caro's not buying clothes for a year. She will however be passing on handy tips and showing her clothing faves that will get her through! Follow her on and Facebook.

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