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Things happen. That's a fact of life that nobody could dispute. But how to deal with changes and stress is a subject that provokes plenty of discussion. That's where MindWorks comes in.

At MindWorks, you'll get to work with inspiring professionals like 'MindCoach' Sara Chatwin, Steve Callinan and Tom Iwan, who will help you to get back on track.



Sara Chatwin

As a registered psychologist, with 15 years experience in the field, Sara can help individuals, families, businesses and sports people. Sara has developed her skills as a motivator, life skills manager, stress buster, mind coach and mentor. Sara can also assist with family and child counselling, sports psychology, media commentary, image consultancy and more.

Currently Sara contributes to television, radio and print media. Sara runs sports seminars for sports people and often travels to Australia and to the USA to consult with private clients.



Steve Callinan

After graduating with an exercise science degree from Luton, Steve pursued a professional football career, which finally brought him to play for Central in Auckland.

Steve completed a personal training course and has been involved in personalised, individual and team fitness programming for the past 10 years. Steve has been involved in the "Nike Fitness Programmes" for youth soccer players and is regularly asked to present seminars and attend conferences on sport coaching and development.



Tom Iwan

Tom was a national champion school cyclist at St. Kentigern College and decided in his last year of school that he would embark upon a career in physiotherapy to allow him to combine his love of sport with an understanding of human physiology and rehabilitation. Tom received the highly coveted "Significant Student Scholarship" from The Auckland University of Technology in 2010, allowing him to pursue his dreams.

Tom is involved in mentoring young children and designing sport specific health and fitness programmes for them.

Tom has completed a physiotherapy degree and has gone on to do a medical degree at the University of Auckland. He also manages to take part in half marathons and Xtera events when he has time!

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