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Terms & Conditions:

Payment should be made before the face-to-face; zoom or phone session.

Cancellations need to be made 24 hours in advance or a part fee of $175.00 will be charged.

Sessions are approximately 50 minutes (this may vary according to the requirements of each session). Additional time required after the first 60 minutes of a session is charged in 15 minute increments, or part thereof.

Mentoring Programs & Packages
When a Mentoring programme or a package of sessions is purchased there is a need for the client to fulfill that therapeutic commitment. If Clients choose to withdraw from the programme or package, there will be no refunds, and subsequent sessions will be charged at the hourly rate + GST. (in the event of a significant life event (moving city, etc…), the situation will be reviewed. By accepting and paying for a mentoring programme or sessional package you are required to engage in therapy regularly and consistently. Engagement includes a commitment to actively participate in the therapeutic process and/or with the therapeutic material/content/additional requirements (such as homework/assignments/journaling/assessments etc.) 

Alcohol & Drug Usage
Alcohol and drug usage prior to and during the session is not permissible and please do not smoke or vape during the session. 

Children & Pets
It is preferable that children or pets are not present during the session as this could be distracting for either or both of us. It is also helpful for phones to be turned off for the duration of the session.

Supervision & Training
Supervision and training occurs in the best interest of the client and to ensure that the psychologist continues professional development and upholds the requirements by the New Zealand Psychologists Board (NZPB).  All information discussed in supervision is confidential. 

Ethical Framework
Sessions are held in accordance with the NZPB ‘Ethical Framework for Psychologists’. For your confidentiality, we encourage that you keep all communications associated to these psychological services secure and password protected, as well as being vigilant about who may have access to the information.

Online Therapy
For online therapy, every effort is made to provide a safe and secure environment with platforms using encryption software to protect your confidentiality. When having zoom sessions, ensure that you are seated in a confidential space (headphones or earphones are recommended).

Digital Information
Digital information is stored within password protected device or hard drive and hardcopies are stored in locked storage. We do our best to ensure other information which is transmitted via emails or text-message or within the video-conferencing platform is transmitted securely.

Limitations to confidentiality occur if consent is provided to disclose information, if legal orders are requested from the court, if it is mandatory reporting or if there are concerns about your and/others safety or a medical emergency. In the above situations your consent will be requested but should it not be received we will still act on behalf of your and/or others safety and seek the necessary emergency support required or abide by any legal court orders. 


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