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MindWorks in the Workplace

At MindWorks, we understand the challenges of complex, fast-paced, results-driven  workplace environments. Our Team will work with you to:

  • Design robust business and wellness strategies to get you results in the workplace
  • Target solutions and options for individuals and groups
  • Provide support for leaders and organisation members
  • Raise the profile or well-being and mental health awareness

Research indicates that healthy workplaces that enhance people’s wellbeing tend to also get better performance from their people and protect them from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety.

The Team at MindWorks provide options to:

  • Recognise factors that have a positive or negative impact on people’s mental health
  • Identify the causes of stress and anxiety before they lead to burnout
  • Action pathways  with colleagues you are concerned about and who may require professional help
  • Increase workplace knowledge about wellness so that mental health and mental illness, do not become intimidating, taboo issues

What we offer:

1. MindWorks Mini Consultations

This is a free 30-minute consultation that allows the client to ask questions & ascertain if MindWorks provides the right ‘fit’ for the clients & their business.

Zoom  online delivery available.

2. MindWorks Mentoring Consultations

Mentoring is a great pathway towards enhanced wellness & productivity in the workplace. These sessions are 45-60 minutes & offer discussions around:

  • Productivity & being ‘present’ in the workplace
  • Role satisfaction 
  • Identification of areas of workplace & collegial difficulty
  • Professional development
  • Team building 
  • Relationship management & personality type recognition
  • Conflict resolution & strategy
  • Supporting staff through organizational change
  • Work life balance & leisure time mix
  • Stress-busting techniques
  • Achieving work-life balance

Zoom  online delivery available.

3. MindWorks Max Team Sessions

The MAX sessions are full or half day sessions or workshops. They are designed specifically to suit your work environment, with an eye on the people who make up your workplace mix!

  • Online seminar & webinar options are available
  • Onsite seminar & lecture options are available
  • Content & Prices are tailored as per the direction of the business or business client, so that specific needs are addressed

Topics covered:

  • Workplace wellness
  • Stress detection & management
  • Understanding the need to address issues business owners & staff face
  • Creating action plans to address issues within the workplace 
  • Navigating challenging workplace relationships
  • Nurturing supportive leadership styles
  • Promotion of safety & mental health awareness in the workplace
  • Developing positive communication pathways between co-workers

Zoom  online delivery available.


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